I can't edit my google site

Please note: We recommend the use of NTLP Mail and Google Chrome to easily edit and maintain your website. When a new school website is created using Google sites the person creating the site must grant editing rights to the relevant staff within your organisation. Upon doing this an email will be generated and sent to the relevant staff. It is useful to star this email, by clicking star at the top of the mail. This will allow you to find it easily in the future. This email will contain a link to allow you access to your google site. The link will take you to the site however some users have reported the lack of editing tools at the top of the page (these are found at the top right of your website). This issue can be rectified by following these simple steps. 1. Close the page containing your site 2. Within NTLP mail click the Apps icon (next to your user name, top right) and select sites 3. Return to the email containing the link to your site, and click the link You should now have the relevant tools available to edit your site.
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