Changing Proxy Settings in Windows 7

**You can configure a proxy for a LAN connection by completing these steps:** 1. Click **Start**, and then click **Control Panel**. 2. Click **Network and Internet**, and then click **Internet Options**. 3. In the **Internet Options** dialog box, click the Connections tab. 4. Click the **LAN Settings** button. 1. To Switch ON the proxy (When In North Tyneside) check the box for “Use a proxy server for your LAN 2. Enter the IP address of the proxy in the **Address** text box. 3. Enter the port number 8000 in the **Port** text box. 5. To Switch OFF the proxy (When at home or in a school) , uncheck the box “**Use a proxy server for your LAN**” 6. Click **OK** to complete the proxy configuration process.
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